Previously, BKD+ ELITE held a wide range of activities during Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week. As a closing activity for the Drug Awareness Month, we will be conducting a seminar on November 28, 2022 at Francisco E. Barzaga IHS Multi-purpose Covered Court.

Selected Students from JHS – SHS Departments will be participating. These students will receive insightful knowledge with the theme of “Addressing Drug Challenges in Health and Humanitarian Crises #CareinCrises” with the guidance and assistance of Ms. Janelyn Romero, Mr. Kenneth Pena, Mr. George Mata, Mr. Adonis Casio, Ms. Lovely Ann Dean (BKD Adviser), Kabataan Iwas Droga Movement Advocates.

We will continue to educate, serve, and redirect all of FEBnians into better pathways. 🐝💛