KID or Kabataan Iwas Droga is a non-stock and non-profit organization that conducts drug awareness seminars to different campuses.

A Nation Edified Through An Empowered Generation.

EQUIP our youth, parents, communities, and industries about updated information on substance / chemical abuse and addiction, parenting seminars, livelihood and skill programs, thus, providing a healthy and productive environment.

ENGAGE In local activities such as spiritual and values formation, civic activites, creative arts, and sports through local governments, civic and non profit organizations and religious units.

EMBODYa transformed life of godliness, self respect, love of family and patriotism by empowering the present and future generation.

“There are 21 million Youth in the Philippines”

50 % are smokers
30 % are influenced with drugs
23 % experienced getting drunk
19 % exposed to pornography


Started through campus evangelization in several crusades around Cavite, students experienced spiritual and moral revival.

As a follow up program, together with the national and local government units; Church of God Dasmarinas and Dangerous Drugs Board under the Office of the President collaborated to present drug awareness to the evangelized schools.

Schools (Students and Parents)
(e.g. NCST-IIRT, Lyceum, TUPC, Tropical Elem. School & HS, etc.)

Communities (Out of School Youth, Local Government Units Officials)
(e.g. Sanguniang Kabataan, Out of School Youth etc.)

Industries ( Employees and Employers)
(e.g Yazaki etc.)

From the past 6 years of conducting K.I.D Movement in different schools all over the Philippines, there had been 70,000 students EQUIPED and lectured about current information for substance abuse and addiction and were evangelized by the word of God. 26,706 received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; 5,462 were church-in and 2,621 are connected to small groups, KID Ministry and Young Adults.

At present, connected youth are now ENGAGED in different ministries, music and sports activities and are fellowshipping with believers of Christ and are now spiritually nurtured.

As a result, youth that are connected EMBODY a transformed life of godliness, self respect, love of family and patriotism.

Yes, we have:

ELITE Campus Ministry
Leadership Seminar
Team Building Program

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