Celebrating Christmas amidst pandemic

For most of us, this pandemic brought us many hardships and pain but, we cannot discount the fact that it also made us realize the true value of a lot of things. It paved way for us to see our priorities and what is really important.

Family, relationship with friends and most of all, relationship with God is what really mattered the most.

This season of giving, we may not have material things to give but, we can always let the other person know that he or she is important to us and give them the LOVE that they deserve, the LOVE coming from GOD.

We can still celebrate CHRISTMAS because the true reason for this season is CHRIST. Now, more than ever, because of the pandemic, we may understand this phrase “the true reason of the season” CHRIST birth gave us the opportunity to have a better life with HIM if only we will accept HIM as our personal LORD and SAVIOR and let HIM lead us. CHRIST birth is HIS gift to us so we can be saved. We can share that gift to any body and spread the LOVE in its truest essence.

Merry CHRISTMas to all and may you always feel the LOVE of God ❤️🎊❤️