Reposted from a friend because I do agree with this. Our spiritual life is Essential. Its not about me. Its all about God..

Under the New GCQ Guidelines.
The Policy Makers Put it under the “Non Essentials Category”

I Beg to Disagree.

In truth, the spiritual welfare of the people is second to none, in terms of its importance and essence… its positive impact to society cannot be taken for granted nor be underestimated.

We are not IGNORING THE RISK OF MASS GATHERING but we do not agree that spiritual gathering be categorized under “leisure and others,” in the same ranks with casinos, nightclubs, cockfighting and others…

Maybe, our policy makers should consider devising schemes to prevent risk of infection at the same time provide way for people to return to prayers and worship,and not outrightly removing it from the list of essentials (they did not not even placed it to semi essentials Wow!🤨)

If malls, salons, BPO, manufacturing and others will be opened a minimum of 8 hours daily WHY NOT THE CHURCH, FOR ONLY 3 HOURS, ONCE A WEEK???

The risks of other establishments will be given maximum tolerance, and be allowed to open,because they are “essentials.” Meaning, because they are considered essentials, important, and needed, then, we can take the risk.

But the church, cannot be given such accommodation, although the risk is much lesser, (only 3-4 hours, once a week.)
Because in the judgment of our policy makers: church life, the spiritual welfare of Filipino people, and the worship of God who has the ONLY POWER to spare us all from this pandemic, IS NOT ESSENTIAL!!!

I AM POSTING MY DISAGREEMENT (WITH TEARS!) proposing a reconsideration, to just impose measures and precautionary guidelines, and let the people go back to church…

Ps 107:19-20 says; “Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them out of their distresses. He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

May God extend His great mercy in this nation, the Philippines… Its not about us. Its about the greatness of our God our Savior!